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EU Roller API

Maximize Bearing Life

Unique patented bearing cap


A selection of proven high quality bearings chosen to meet requirements of any load.


Maximize Bearing Life


Low Noise Factor

Very low noise factor (57dba)


Manufactured from the best materials using the latest technology.


Low Noise Factor


Extended Performance

Increased resistance to wear


Encompasses four lip seals rotating on a plastic fitted bush.


Extended Performance



EU Roller API


Bearings and Lubrication


The selection of the bearing type to be used was made after extensive research was done into the vast range available and also after extensive testing with types which are used by other roller manufactures.

Eventually the decision was based on factors which would complement the roller design, to maximise the life span of our rollers in any conditions.
Achieving the expected L-10 Life of the bearing by using various design methods, such as nylon bearing races and technologically advanced material to protect the bearing.

Obviously, the theoretical lifespan of any conveyor roller bearing is dependent on various circumstances, not least being the lubrication of such bearing.

The ideal situation would be to have a maintenance program which would include regular greasing of these bearings, an almost impossible task if the number of rollers on any plant is taken into consideration and a situation where minimal or no control can be assured, thereby creating a problem which would not be controllable.

No guarantee can be given that all the bearings would be lubricated and no one could assure that each bearing would not have too much or too little lubrication.

EU-ROLLER therefore opted to use an unsealed bearing, which is lubricated at our factory and fitted with a designed bearing lubrication seal.

The synthetic base lubrication we use was approved by the bearing manufacturer and selected on the following basis.

1. Contains Anti-Rust Additives
2. Contains Anti-Oxidant Additives
3. Water Repellent-Exceptional heat and water resistant properties
4. Mechanical Stability
5. High Temperature Performance
6. Operating Temperatures from below -45°C to +80°C

By using a lubricant which conforms to the above specifications, we were assured that our rollers bearings would be well greased “for life” and our product would perform as expected






Roller Ainti Seize


Roller Anti Seize

Outstanding performance and reliability.




Roller Heavy Duty Dual Bearing

Energy Savings Green Business Site Safe


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