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Company Profile

The main purpose behind the design of the EU-ROLLER was:

To develop a roller, using the latest technologically advanced materials so as to improve on the life of the conventional rollers used on conveyors, and to maximise the efficiency of each element within the roller, so that the theoretical lifespan of each element would complement each other, thereby ensuring a superior product.

To develop a roller, which in the event of eventual bearing failure would not cause any damage to the belt of the conveyor and thereby minimise the running costs of such conveyor.

To produce a roller, which is designed for a unique environment, taking into consideration the extreme temperature changes, uniquely harsh working conditions, and the problem of chemical and coastal conditions which attack and destroy conventional rollers.

About Us

Eventually after extensive research and testing, we arrived at a situation where we had designed and manufactured a roller which has adopted all the positive characteristics of the conventional roller, eliminating all the negative characteristics of the conventional roller, and achieving the lifespan and goals of our initial objective. At the same time it complies to the standards, specifications and requirements of the end user and incorporates features over and above the expectations of the end user.

With our commitment to continual research and development in this field, we will strive to keep improving on our product if and where possible, so as to give the end user the benefit of any advances possible in the technological field. We believe in our product and have found that we are accepted in the market place as leaders in our field.


With the research and development put into the design and manufacture of our rollers, we have achieved and even surpassed all of our objectives. We have successfully met all the requirements for a wide variety of conditions, we have succeeded in eliminating the majority of problems suffered by use of standard, conventional rollers and can now confidently offer our product to the market.

Coupled to this, we offer an extensive backup service and are available to our clients at all times. to assist with any problems and queries.

We believe that it is in the interest of any user of conveyor rollers, that service and advice be available at all times.

We further believe that we have succeeded in our overall objective to design, manufacture, supply and service a product superior to existing designs and to remain competitive in a field that suffers from extensive abuse from persons which market and sell inferior products that cause the end user extra expense in the long term.