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Sealing Assessment


To: Colleagues far and wide
From: Reliability Engineer, Gordon Tattershall
Date: 15/4/11
Re: Conveyor idler sealing assessment – EU-Roller A.P.I

Locating products and practices that add benefits to life cycle costs, or sustain or increase production uptime is necessary for viability in this decade, and on this occasion I am writing to share some of my latest findings on a product that may be worth while your consideration. Any feedback would be welcome.

In my experience, replacement conveyor idlers contribute to a significant amount of the cost of conveyor maintenance, and even more so where product carry back or water accumulates along the trough idler.

The predominant failures occur from contamination effecting the bearing functionality, idlers becoming jammed by product being caught between the frame and idler, and the rolling surface becoming preferentially worn whether from abrasion or corrosion.
I have seen several different conveyor idler constructions and was impressed by the one manufactured in Europe and distributed by EU-Roller A.P.I.

The following photographs are of an idler I have partly disassembled to form an opinion on the potential of contamination entry to the bearing when in service. The outer running surface or thick HDPE has a number of advantages over a thin steel shell.

The shaft sealing arrangement consists of a wiper seal and pre lubricated multiple chevron rings that rub on a sleeve. The sealing arrangement is located in a bore by a moulded feature that positively locates it. The manufacturer has undertaken laboratory test work to verify the functionality and repeatability of the sealing arrangement.

The bearing is inboard of the sealing arrangement mounted in a stiff moulded section of the idler. The torque to rotate the idler measure with a spring gauge and string was so low it wasn’t clearly determined due to the discrimination of the spring scale used.

The running surface is HDPE on a steel substrate. The surface finish has a manufacturing profile may assist in the dispersement of water.

After disassembling the sealing arrangement I believe it could be reasonably expected to increase the Mean Time between Failure of idler bearings, whilst the idler perimeter also will be less subject to the effects of surface wear and corrosion.

The idler is available in Australia from EU-Roller A.P.I who supplied a sample for my personal assessment. The contact for further enquiry is Mr Andrew Stevens. or for further information (includes a sizing template for retrofitting ) is a website

The following series of photographs have been taken to show some of the construction aspects of the EU Roller so you can gain a greater sense of what may be a difference from the typical steel idler. The idler was quite robust and this one I inspected has been well made.

Trust this may be of use for background knowledge as we all strive for knowledge and opportunities for continuous improvement.


EU Roller API as supplied

End view of roller showing the shaft wiper seal and the removed rubber shaft cap

Seal assembly showing lubricated chevron rings and outer wiper seal

View of HDPE idler showing internal end boss and illustrating location of seal assembly

Internal view of end of idler

End view showing shaft sleeve and bore for sealing assembly

Side view of removed seal assembly showing protruding wiper seal and locking feature

Seal is securely located requiring a reasonable force to disassemble







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